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Clones vs. Seeds

Are you a first-time grower? Then chances are you are new to terminologies such as clones, cannabis seeds, cuttings, and growing cannabis overall. Let's level up your lexicon by understanding the differences between clones and seeds.

Turning sugar into cannabinoids!

You read that correctly: sugar is now being used to manufacture THC and CBD. This is going to be a game-changer thanks to one of the oldest agricultural discovered by humankind: yeast.

Five Cannabis Terpene Profiles

Speed Weed LA talks about five common terpene profiles and their many different effects.

Benefits of Marijuana

It's true that marijuana, or cannabis, is commonly used for recreational purposes, especially if you want to get into the party mood, but the medicinal benefits of weed are numerous.

Exploring CBD

Speed Weed LA discusses the different types of CBD.

Cooking with Cannabis

Speed Weed LA covers how to cook with cannabis.

5 Must-Try Strains to Increase Energy

Speed Weed LA talks about five must try strains of cannabis to increase energy.

What is Dabbing and How does it Differ from Vaping?

Speed Weed LA discusses some of the differences between vaping and dabbing.

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