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How Cannabis Affects Hormones and Fertility

The cannabis industry is no stranger to the allure of romance and sexual health. In 2020, there are literally hundreds of companies that concentrate on creating a unison between sexual health and cannabis.

Drinking Cannabis

A comprehensive guide to understanding cannabis beverages

The League of CBD

SpeedWeed LA talks about how professional sports leagues can help athletes with CBD.

Cannabis Extracts You Need to Know

Recently, there have been 3 forms of cannabis extracts that have made a splash in cannabis markets across the country. These extracts are live resin, live rosin, and THC-A crystals.

Terpene Talk

Speed Weed LA explains how terpenes are taking over the cannabis industry.

5 Cannabis Facts You Didn't know

Despite an abundance of information being available literally at our fingertips, there are still a multitude of things misunderstood about cannabis.

The Stoner's Guide to Understanding Edibles

Speed Weed LA explains what you need to know when it comes to understanding edibles.

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